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"Decreasing World Suck, Increasing World Awesome" - the vlogbrothers


I believe in a world where women’s bodies are celebrated, “flaws” and all. I believe in a world where girls are taught that they can be sensitive, creative, brilliant, assertive, and intuitive all while feeling confidently beautiful. I believe in a world where these girls grow into strong,…

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If you are still looking for the song of the summer, STOP LOOKING. I have found it for you.

  • Her name is Kiesza. She is Canadian.
  • She is a classically trained ballet dancer.
  • She was a codebreaker in the Canadian Navy.
  • The song is called Hideaway. It is the jam to end all jams.
  • The song is bringing back C+C Music Factory 90s house realness.
  • This is going to be huge.

Y’all take care.

So I knew 10 seconds into this song I was going to reblog it.

Holy shit that was good!

this was done aLL IN ONE TAKE

90s house realness and mom jeans! WOOT!

She went to Selkirk (my college), and that’s just awesome.

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